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Welcome to my First Weblog!

September 3rd, 2008 by areed · 3 Comments

That’s right! I am a blogging newby, and I will not claim maven status for a very long time, that is certain! 

I hope you (those who have somehow stumbled onto this page and are probably, therefore, very confused) enjoy what you read or are perhaps even moved to respond!  

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  • Reverend // Sep 4th 2008 at

    Consider me moved, waiting patiently for more.

  • areed // Sep 4th 2008 at

    My first point of comment. My blog title. Not as clever as I first thought. Thanks to a Google search I can see just how unoriginal of a blog title it really is. I love the internet. It’s like a cynical, no-nonsense mother who reminds you that even if you are “one in a million” that still leaves 6,000 people in the world that could replace you.

  • Reverend // Sep 4th 2008 at

    That said, I liked it when I read it, and I read many a blog. In fact, I believe originality is overrated, it is the day-to-day work you invest in fostering ideas and thinking honestly that really makes the difference.