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Bei Mir Bist du Schoen, means that your grand!

March 17th, 2009 by areed · No Comments

I’ll be sure to talk more in depth in class about the song I chose to analyze but here’s some extra tidbits to whet your appetites! 

The song “Bei Mir Bist du Schoen” (sometimes spelled “Bei Mir Bist du Shein” and “Bei Mir Bistu Schon”) is literally translated “To me you are beautiful” Written in 1932 by Shalom Secunda, a Jewish immigrant, it was popularized by the Andrew Sisters and many other Swing Era artists.

Original Lyrics

Bei mir bist du shein,
Bei mir host du chein,
Bei mir bist du alles oif di velt.Oi was zu sheine meidlach,
Hob ich doch zehn fon dir?
Un oisgekliben fun zi alle.
Hob ich nor dir, dir, dir, dir.

Bei mir bist du shein,
Bei mir host du chein,
Bei mir bist du alles oif di velt.

La, la, la, la, la, la.

To me you are beautiful,
To me you have grace,
To me you are everything in the world.

How many beautiful girls,
Have I seen besides you?
I chose one from them all.
I have only you, you, you, you.

To me you are beautiful.
To me you have grace.
To me you are everything in the world.

La, la, la, la, la, la.

Sammy Cahn Version

Of all the boys I’ve known, and I’ve known some

Until I first met you I was lonesome
And when you came in sight, dear, my heart grew light 
And this old world seemed new to me

You’re really swell, I have to admit, you 
Deserve expressions that really fit you 
And so I’ve wracked my brain, hoping to explain 
All the things that you do to me 

Bei mir bist du schoen, please let me explain 
Bei mir bist du schoen means you’re grand 
Bei mir bist du schoen, again I’ll explain 
It means you’re the fairest in the land 

I could say bella, bella, even say wunderbar 
Each language only helps me tell you how grand you are 
I’ve tried to explain, bei mir bist du schoen 
So kiss me, and say you understand 

The song has been done and redone in many creative ways (just listen to 2 wildly different versions with the links below). And it means a great many different things to different people, but above all it is a classic love song!

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