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The Power is Yours!: Internet access and Chinese Censorship

April 5th, 2009 by areed · 1 Comment

I had a thought in response to the posts on internet censorship in China right now. Perhaps the Chinese government is prohibiting access to sites, but how hard is it to get around these restrictions? In the use it is not legal to upload videos without copyright permission and it is not legal to watch downloaded or streamed videos that are on these illegal sites (legal sites being itunes, hulu, or tv network webstites), yet people are still very easily able to watch anyway. Even if censors put more effort into disabling sites or blocking access, there would still be a lot of savvy people capable of finding their way around it. In fact, a lot of the sites I watch videos on are Chinese hosted streaming sites, where there are not only english language videos but also a lot of Chinese videos, news clips, video blogs, etc. I can;’t imagine these will all go away, ¬†or that all Chinese will be unable to access them or similar sites. And while these sites exist, people will be able to view all kinds of information and even political and social commentary- whether serious or humorous (like the video we watched in class with the lamas!)

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  • eweaver // Apr 24th 2009 at

    Jackie –

    Yes…. it really can’t be that hard to get around the stuff – but you have to be brave. I guess it depends on what illegal stuff you are accessing, because the human rights activists are on lockdown and house arrest/in jail etc., but something like hip hop or videos of witty lamas seems to be less of a big deal. I find it really scary that the govt in China has such power to make these rules in the first place…
    but back to your comment – yes its not that difficult to evade the restrictions.